Tuesday, September 18, 2012

T-Shirt of the Day: St. Vincent

Band: St. Vincent

Have I ever seen them live?: Yes! Three times- I saw here back in 2010 at the Doug Fir in Portland; then in 2011 at the Crystal Ballroom; and then in 2012 at Sasquatch. I will also be seeing her next month with David Byrne. It's interesting- each show she's played has been at a different and larger venue. Along with this she has evolved to become even more of a star. While I'm excited to see her at a huge venue next month, I still remember seeing her for the first time in the basement of a restaurant with just a hundred or so people, which is also the show where I got this shirt.

Favorite Part of the Show: I really love her new song "Krokodile" and at the end of her show at Sasquatch (like in the video from Coachella) she stage dives while performing the song.

Favorite Song: While she has a ton of great songs, I really love "Cheerleader".

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