Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-Shirt of the Day: OK Go

Band: OK Go

Have I Ever Seen Them Live: Yes- technically three times. They did a little acoustic show that a friend of mine organized at School of Rock in Portland a couple years ago, then they played that night at the Hawthorne Theater, and then I saw them a couple months (years?) later at Oregon State University.

Show Highlight: Getting to meet them was really sweet, but seeing my good friend freak over meeting her all time favorite band? Even better.

Favorite Song: Some of my friends and I played "You're So Damn Hot" for a friend for his birthday- it was pretty amazing. "Invincible" is also a really great song.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! This is a really random longshot but here it goes. I'm a huge OK Go fan and I have a large collection of OK Go shirts but I don't have this one. Do you still have this? Would you be willing to sell it to me? (I told you it was a random long shot!) Email me! erinmcmom@erinmcmom.com