Tuesday, September 11, 2012

T-Shirt of the Day: Iron and Wine

Band: Iron and Wine

Story Behind the Shirt: One of those classic tales of seeing one of your favorite bands and they play a great show and yada yada and the t-shirts are only ok, but you feel like you have to buy one.

Have I ever seen the band: Twice, one time at Metro in Chicago in around 2007 and then again in 2011 at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.

Show Highlight: This might sound terribly cheesy, but when Sam Beam came on at the end of the show and played "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"and I was dancing with the guy I was infatuated with at the time- pretty damn perfect. The rest of the show was great too though.

Favorite Song: It was hard to pick just one, but I really love "Muddy Hymnal".

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