Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer Releases

With the school year back in full spring I bring to you three summer releases by local bands. The music ranges from punk to indie-rock to more electro influenced, but the best part about all the releases- each can either be listened to or downloaded online for free.
Our First Brains- Bummer Jams 2012
            Somewhat of a super group, Our First Brains consists of a bunch of friends who have played music together for years. For their first release, which came out this last summer, they decided to put together something that provided the “much needed bummer jams to satisfy all of your catchy punk pop desires.” WithBummer Jams 2012 they have done just that. The band combines their punk-pop soundwith various sound-bits such as couples bickering and what sounds like old radio broadcasts. The lyrics of the songs range from love to heartbreak and most songs have a punk sound that would be perfect coming from someone’s garage on a hot July night. The last song of the EP, “Attention Spans, They Die,” is the only acoustic song on Bummer Jams 2012and gives off that feeling of reminisce we all get at the end of the summer.
Where can I listen to it: while the band has sold out all their limited edition tapes of Bummer Jams 2012, you can still get it on their band camp page, where you can download it for free!
BiploarBear- Green, Blue, Red
            BiploarBear’s new EP has the band experimenting with a new, more rocking sound. Drums and distorted guitar lines are featured prominently, such as in the song “Carolina.” Singer Teal Bluestone’s voice also takes on rock, almost punk, tone, making her more Karen O than Romy Madley-Croft (of the indie rock band the xx). For the band this was one of the most time-consuming songs because of its difficult harmonies and bridge. Besides changing up their sound a little,this was also the first album the band recorded in a professional studio, which gives Green, Blue, Red a more polished feel to it. Their classic indie-rock tone is not lost in the album,though. In the sweet “SongSongSong,” which features drummer Henry Brentlinger and Bluestone sharing vocals, simple drum beats and minimal guitar are much more reminiscent of their past work than other songs on the album. Bluestone believes this is their most diverse album so far, with each song different than the one before.
            “There really isn’t a specific theme in the music of the songs,” said Teal, although when asked about the theme of the album as a whole she said she believes that it emulates the idea of summertime, something that will be greatly missed as the rain comes.
Where can I listen to it: on their Facebook page, which you can view here.
Electric Sheep- Tuesday in the Clouds
After four years of being together Electric Sheep finally put out their first album, “Tuesday in the Clouds,” right as the band was disbanding. Various members of the group had to leave because of college, so Tuesday in the Clouds was their last hurrah as a group. It’s sad the band only recorded one album becauseTuesday in the Cloudsis truly great. Inspired by indie rock bands like Grizzly Bear, Electric Sheep’s songs change from complicated electro-focused masterpieces to low-fi bridges.  Usually the songs feature just drums, guitar,and vocals. While this dramatic change could be awkward if not done right, Electric Sheep makes these transitions smoothly and makes each song a story in itself. Their music would be work perfectly for a stressful school night when you need something smoothing to get you through your calculus homework.
Where can I listen to it: on their soundcloud-

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