Thursday, September 20, 2012

T-Shirt of the Day: Kimya Dawson

Band (Artist): Kimya Dawson

Have I Ever Seen Her Live: Yes! One time at the Old Town School in Chicago circa 2008 and then around 2010 in Portland at Backspace.

Favorite Part About the Show: At the Portland show we all sat on the ground and it was just her and an acoustic guitar. It was really intimate and lovely.

What I Love About the T-Shirt: It's hard to see because the wall behind it is orange, but the t-shirt is bright red. The picture of Kimya and the sheep is adorable too. Kimya was also the one who sold it to me- which was pretty awesome.

Favorite Song: "Loose Lips" is one of the most brilliant songs ever written.

Funny Story: A couple months ago I found out about Tallahassee Turns Ten and thought it was super cool and I submitted a cover of "Game Shows Touch Our Lives" by the Mountain Goats. I found out my cover didn't get in and I was really sad, but then I found out Kimya's cover did instead and I was TOTALLY ok with that.

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