Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Me Obsessed

I recently saw the new Replacements documentary, "Color Me Obsessed" at the classic Hollywood Theater in Portland. I took part in a short Replacements cover set before the show (not much is cuter than seeing an 8 year old bust out "I'm Satisfied"). The film, by Gorman Bechard, gives, according to the title, "the potentially true story of the last best band". Probably the most unique thing about "Color My Obsessed" is that it features no interviews nor performance footage of any member of the Replacements. Instead over 140 different people, ranging from musicians (Colin Meloy and Babes in Toyland), to journalists (Jack Rabid and Jim DeRogatis) to actors (George Wendt) to just regular fans.  The documentary moved chronologically through the Replacements evolution as a band.
While it is definitely a unique way to present the story of the Replacements, I feel like for a band so well known for their live performances it really isn't enough just to hear people talk about their shows. Even just one or two videos of concert footage would have added a lot to the documentary. That being said I did really enjoy  "Color Me Obsessed" and was really happy I got to experience with my parents, who are two huge Replacements fans. At the end of the film when some producer was talking about the Replacement's last show in Chicago my dad whispered to me "we where there". Yup my parents are so much cooler than yours.

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